V-Pick Tradition Lite Sapphire Blue

Sale price$5.50


1.5mm –
1 1/8″ wide –
1 3/16″ long –
This guitar pick is MAGNIFICENT! You asked for color, I give you color indeed!
The Tradition Lite 1.5mm has very quickly become one of our biggest sellers. Good for all kinds of music. Sports all of the benefits boasted about by V-Picks. Fuller tone, Very grippable, fast action and cool as heck looking.
Andy Reiss plays and endorses the Tradition V-Pick Sapphire Blue.
Note: 12/05/16 the Tradition Lite has been greatly improved!  We took a great pick and made it excellent!  The V-PICKS (Patent Pending) DOT has been added. The DOT is designed to be a reference point. It may be the ultimate tactile experience you have had yet in a guitar pick. I have found this DOT to help me play more accurately and precisely because I know EXACTLY where the pick is and how much of it I am holding in my fingers. No question. It also plays a big roll in giving more texture to the pick as some of our players have requested. The slightly raised letters on one side and the DOT on the other is a combination that just may revolutionize the guitar world forever. It’s subtle but very effective.

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