The Martel Music Difference:

No more high pressure sales.  Just friendly, educated, knowledgeable staff that are musicians just like you.  We want you to feel welcome to spend time in the store and feel like you're a part of something here.   Quality and selection that you don’t find in other stores these days you will find here. 

We encourage you to come see what makes us stand out and win “Best Of” awards every year! Every year we've been in business we have won the "Best Of" and "Readers Choice" awards for best music store and best music instruction!

Our Story:

Although Martel Music opened its doors in 2017, the story and its beginnings date all the way back to 1957. Owner Corey Martel’s grandfather Gerry Martel bought a small, struggling Fitchburg Music Store a day before its total bankruptcy. “The late 1950s were a magical time in the world of contemporary music' Gerry recalls. 'Elvis Presley was being promoted on TV and on LPs, and the Beatles would soon follow.  It was the perfect timing”Fast forward a couple of decades….a young Corey Martel visits and experiences the intrigue of entrepreneurship and the music retail industry. His grandfather gifts him his first guitar and a spark is ignited in him. From working for Sennheiser & Neumann through college, moving to NJ to work for a major online music retailer and later to a small guitar boutique in Connecticut, to being a live sound engineer and touring musician, Corey has seen many sides of his industry.  Experiencing the manufacturing process, corporate structure, and sales and business relationships has grown his passion for the industry.“I was lucky to be able to start at a young age in the industry and learn what works, what doesn’t, the trends cycles, sales and business relationships and so much more.  I was able to do this all on someone else's time before starting Martel Music.  It was a huge confidence boost to have those years already under my belt”. Love of music, hunger for challenges, enjoyment of growing each customer into a friendship and desire to build a community around music drove Corey to open Martel Music in 2017.  “My passion for this industry started at such a young age that first day I stepped into my Grandfather's store whether I knew it or not at the time.  Every job I’ve held has been deeply involved in this industry one way or another and they all helped me develop the ability to open Martel Music”