V-Picks Eclipse

Sale price$6.00


1 1/16″ long

1 1/6″ wide


The NEW Eclipse Guitar Pick by V-PICKS


The V-PICKS Eclipse guitar pick has quickly become one of my personal favorites.

A lot of players have asked for a curved spot on the top of their guitar pick for comfort and control.  Scooped out at the top just enough for your finger or knuckle to rest.  It feels real good. It is just a great tactile experience!  You can spin the pick around and get some pretty fast action from the upper corners. The scoop is good no matter which way you angle your pick, upwards like George Benson and Carlos Santana, or downwards like Billy Gibbons or Eric Johnson.  This pick is just plain comfortable and it plays quite well indeed!

The sound is full, thick and lively.  Exactly what you would expect and get from all V-PICKS models.

Good for all kinds of music, Rock, Jazz, Country, Latin, Funk, and Blues.


Note:  This is the same dimensions as the Eclipse Commemorative Guitar Pick, only without the graphic and year.

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