V-Picks Blackhole

Sale price$5.50


1.5mm –
1 1/4″ long –
1 1/16″ wide –

This is a very full spectrum pick, both in feel and tone. Basically cut the same shape and size as our SwitchBlade with an added hole in the middle for feel and mojo. The attack is precise and intentional. Lots of bright high end, and yet gives a great bottom end sound that is tight and thick. Playing this pick is like driving a Ferrari. It’s almost like it already knows what you want to play before you play it!

Designed with and for my long time buddy Tom Aragon of California. Tom is a fantastic guitarist with a lot of insight and vision. In 2012 he came to me with this design. He needed a pick that would be able to keep up with his creativity. So we made a black pick and put the hole in the center and then he named it the Blackhole. He has used this pick now for 2 years and today we are making it available to you.


If you are looking for a pick to challenge your imagination and take your playing to the point of no return, then you will LOVE this pick!

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