V-Picks SwitchBlade Crystal Clear

Sale price$4.50


1.5mm - 1 1/16" wide - 1 1/4" long 


Designed for and with the late, great Mike Scaccia, guitarist extraordinaire from Ministry and Rigor Mortis. This is the pick for all you Shredders! 1.5mm thick and a very sharp bevel and point. Creates pinch harmonics like you have never experienced before with any guitar or amp! This is all done by pick design. They also have the same gripping action that V-PICKS are so well known for. So, if you are a Metal player and want speed, bite and easy grip, then the V-PICKS SwitchBlade is for you! 


Believe it or not, a lot of acoustic players love this pick for strumming.  Nice bright, present sound.  Very pleasing on an acoustic guitar.


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