V-Picks Rockstar

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 3.0mm -  1 1/16" wide - 1 1/4" long 

Note:  Colors may vary due to availability of materials.

Anyone in the room who wants to be a Rock Star, please raise your hand. I thought so.

This pick will definitely push you into that direction and help you to achieve your goals. 

If you do anything today to further your career, it should be getting some of these.


The RockStar is a 3mm pick.  Pointed on the working end and rounded on the upper shoulders.


Fast, Fast, FAST action.

The 3.0mm bevel allows this pick to glide and stream across your strings like no other pick you have used before.

Your right hand will finally catch up with your left hand.


Big, direct, and in your face sound.

You will cut thru the band with this baby.

You will get comments like "Is that a new amp?"


It has the same V-PICKS' "grippage" we all know and love.

As your fingers warm the pick up, it will begin to cling and you won't drop or have to readjust this pick!


Bright and lively sounding.

It really is quite exciting to play this pick!

It is like driving a Maserati.


BTW, if you like our Switchblade you will go NUTS for this one.

It is cut the same shape and size, but a bit thicker.


And remember, V-PICKS are the ONLY acrylic picks that are heat tempered.  This is for strength and durability.  None of the others do this.

Plus when you play V-PICKS, you are playing the ORIGINAL acrylic picks.  We were hand making boutique acrylic picks years before all the others. 

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