V-Picks Duet Amber

Sale price$6.00




This pick will turn your 6 string into a 12 string.  Well, not really, but it will fool you into thinking so.


Three working corners makes it easy to maneuver.  You don't have to look down to find the working corner of the pick.


We add just a bit of ghost rim, (you may or may not see it) to give you smoother action and more jangle.


The Duet does so much more!  It high end overtones and makes your sound quite jangly.  Intentionally changes your tone by simply changing your grip and angle on the pick.  Also a very strong attack on this cool pick model.


Same wonderful gripping action as all V-PICKS. 


Would you rather buy a $1,200 12 string guitar, or a simple tool to give you much the same effect and results?


If you want to play some tunes by the Byrds and don't want to by a Ric, then this is the pick for you!

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