V-Picks Blast

Sale price$12.00


 1 1/8" Long - 1" wide - 2.75mm thick 


In celebration of the New Year 2023 we introduce the BLAST.

First things first, this pick looks like fireworks.  So many colors!

Base material is clear acrylic as other V-PICKS.

However, this one has colored metal flakes mixed in.


The feel is different from any other V-PICK you have played.

It has a certain grit feel to it.  This makes for quite an interesting sound and effect as it interacts with the strings.

Very grippy and yet slips over the strings like a violin bow.  

This pick may even be the most grippy pick in our line now.


The sound is ALIVE.  Like a firework going off.

Really gets your attention. 

Strong highs.  Normal mids and tight bottom end.

Everyone that plays it says, "This is my favorite V-PICK."


I have been carrying one in my pocket for about 2 months now.

Nothing bad I can say about this pick. 

I personally use the upper rounded shoulder and I always have with a traditional pick.

However, the working end is normal shaped as one would be used to.


Great for Blues, Country, Shred and Jazz.

Excels at both Rhythm and Lead. 

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