V-Pick Johnny Hiland Signature Model

Johnny Hiland Signature Model (Pick Only)

Johnny Hiland is an all American guitarist known as, “The Working Class Guitar Hero.” He is internationally known for his versatility in bringing forth a new modern approach to chicken pickin! He is a Shrapnel Recording Artist, a master class clinician and instructor, and a session guitarist. He has played on records for artists like Hank 3, Ricky Skaggs, Randy Travis, Toby Keith, Trick Pony, and many others. He has 4 records out to date, with his most current being, “All Fired Up.” Check out his website at www.johnnyhiland.net.
Johnny has always loved a pick with a good grip to it. In teaming up with V-PICKS, he instantly found that he had a strong connection with the Tradition.  So, we made it red, and the Johnny Hiland signature V-PICK was born.  We Laser burn the logo and name just a bit deeper for Johnny.

Note: the updated pick does not have the grooves on it.

This pick was updated to Johnny’s specs 7/16/2017