V-Pick Phantom

Sale price$8.00


1 1/8" Long - 1" wide - 2.75mm thick


Phantom definition

 A figment of the imagination.

"He tried to clear the phantoms from his head and grasp reality"

This describes this pick perfectly!

I don't know why, but this material sounds extraordinarily good.  Smooth and glistening.  Full of character and blends into the mix perfectly.


Per request of pick maker Jake Patterson, it's just a bit smaller than our Tradition.

Plenty of pick to hold onto, yet you can still tuck it in your knuckle while fingerpicking.


Every Phantom is different.

Different pattern and amount of black, white or gray.

Yet, they are all amazing to look at.

You are not quite sure what you are looking at but you see it's very cool indeed!

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