Couch Navy & Buckskin Seatbelt Guitar Strap W/ Pickholder

Sale price$30.00



The Recycled Navy Seatbelt and Lightest-of-Brown Buckskin vinyl end tabs used to make this strap look great together. They look even better on most guitars, just check it out on this sunburst Stratocaster for instance. This strap of neutral rich contrasting colors has an easy adjustment and the gentle slide of an automotive quality seat belt guitar strap. The buckskin color looked so good we decided to accent it with a die-cut pick holder for easy access to your picks when playing your axe or storing your strap. Notice the picture of the strap resting with the guitar to see that the pick holder is designed to hold your picks tight enough that they won't fall out even upside down, but with no cover or snap so you can easily grab a pick in the middle of a song or when you need it. Each strap also includes our custom forged steel hardware, and 3 hand-tooled steel rivets on the back tab. These recycled guitar straps are cruelty free, sweatshop free, and hand made by guitar players here at Couch in our California Workshop. Did we mention we were the first company to make seatbelt guitar straps way back in 1999? We're honored by the companies who have followed us since. Lead the way. Rock. Couch.

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