Benson 2x12 Cabinet, Nightmoves W/ Silver Grille

Sale price$899.99


  • (2) Benson Speakers
  • Cabinet 18.5”W 34”H 10”D
  • 35 lbs
  • Dovetailed pine speaker cabinets
  • Nightmoves Tolex
  • Side handles
  • 16 Ohms cabinet

Benson Speakers: 

It is a British voiced speaker that is close in character to our favorite G12H30, but has more compression when it is really pushed, offering a smoother character to overdrives and distortions.

One thing we do not do is break them in…we wanted this to sound great out of the box, and then get marginally greater the more it is played.


  • 9.5 lbs

  • moderate doping

  • 50oz magnet

  • 30 watt speaker (ea.)

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