Yamaha FC4A Piano Style Sustain Foot Pedal

Sale price$39.99


A foot pedal for use with digital pianos, keyboards, synthesizers, and stage pianos. This pedal offers a feel close to that of the pedal on an acoustic piano.

Reliably functional

Reproduces the feel of the pedals of an acoustic piano. This pedal features a rubber underside that prevents it from slipping when used in piano/keyboard performances, allowing the performer to immerse themselves in playing.

    Compatible with assignable switch functions

    Compatible with assignable switch functions, allowing the player to call up the desired function or setting just by depressing the pedal. Just one pedal broadens the range of performance.




    Width 89mm

    Height 66mm

    Depth 276mm

    Weight 0.7kg


    Connectivity TRS 1/4" plug


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