Voodoo Lab Dingbat Pedalboard Small-EX

Sale price$199.99


DINGBAT SMALL-EX is the “Goldilocks” pedalboard size. Large enough for a typical 6 to 8 pedal setup but compact enough to stow in the overhead compartment of any commercial aircraft. With its 10” depth, SMALL-EX accommodates a full-size wah, volume, or expression pedal. Installing Pedal Power with the included mounting hardware is quick and easy using only a screwdriver. Hook-and-loop tape is provided to attach pedals, as well as zip ties and 4-way tie mounts to secure cabling underneath.

A key element in executing a flawless performance is a clean, organized pedalboard, and Dingbat’s innovative patented design helps you set up your rig like a pro. All supplies needed for securing pedals and cabling to the board are included.

Dingbat SMALL-EX includes a heavy-duty tour-grade soft case that meets carry-on requirements for all commercial airlines. No bag checking required. Premium materials and construction ensure superior performance and long-lasting protection for your pedalboard. A removable shoulder strap is included for easy transportation.



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