V-Picks Leather Keyring Pick Holder, Brown

Sale price$7.99


Leather Keyring Pick Holder-Brown

Our leather items are all 100% hand made by a family in Nashville, TN. They use the best leather I have seen. I LOVE these leather items and I am very proud to be able to make them available to our customers.
We have tested these leather guitar pick holders over time, and we think these are the best on the market. They feel buttery soft in your hand after just a week or two…like kid-skin. Inexpensive and durable, they fit at least 3 regular V-PICKS inside (after a month or so of use, you could even fit 4) or a Big Fattie or Psycho Premium V-PICK. You’ll always have a V-PICK with you if you use this key chain guitar pick holder. Only 7.99

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