Used Tascam Firewire 1884 DAW

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Pre-owned Tascam Firewire 1884 DAW, in very good condition. The two word sync connectors are bent but still functional (see pictures).  Light scratches around the unit from normal wear and tear.  Included power cable.


The FW-1884 is a professional DAW control surface and audio/MIDI interface that uses the FireWire high-speed data transfer protocol. With FireWire's high-bandwidth capabilities, the FW-1884 provides audio and MIDI interfacing to computers as well as control of DAW parameters via eight 100mm motorized touch-sensitive channel faders, one master fader, and controls for pan, solo, mute and select functions on each channel. Tactile control for four bands of parametric EQ, a jog/shuttle wheel and a variety of shortcut keys for various popular software applications are also included.

Co-designed by TASCAM and Frontier Design Group, the FW-1884's DAW control capabilities include comprehensive mixing, automation, editing and navigation tools. Steinberg's Cubase LE in included free -- a 48-track, 96kHz professional recording workstation. An included application, SoftLCD, shows the assignment of the channel strip of your computer monitor.

In addition to its surface control capabilities, the FW-1884 provides eight balanced XLR analog mic/line inputs with high quality mic preamps, phantom power and inserts on every channel. These mic pres are the culmination of TASCAM's 30-year history of producing great-sounding, reliable equipment for home and professional studios alike. The mic input circuit uses a hybrid design combining the best of discrete and IC-based circuitry for 54dB of gain, wide dynamic range and natural response. The mic inputs have phantom power assignable in groups of four and include an analog insert on each channel for inserting outboard signal processing. The result is a clean preamp design with a frequency response of 20Hz to 40kHz (+0.5/-1.0dB) and a noise level of -124dBu(EIN), ideal for recording at 96kHz/24-bit resolution.

Using 24-bit/96kHz A/D and D/A converters, the FW-1884 offers full 96kHz operation on all analog I/O channels with compatible DAW software. In addition to its two FireWire (IEEE 1394) computer interfaces, the FW-1884 gives users eight channels of ADAT lightpipe as well as stereo S/PDIF inputs and outputs. Perfectly suited to multi-channel surround production as well as standard stereo mixing, the FW-1884 provides eight analog outputs for simultaneous connection to L/R and 5.1 surround matrices. A headphone output is also provided.

Four MIDI inputs and four MIDI outputs on the FW-1884 allow users to connect with a wide variety of MIDI sound generation and timing tools. Its Word Clock in and out jacks allow computer systems to maintain accurate clock synchronization in digital recording environments. Also, its assignable footswitch jack can be used for tasks such as hands-free punching or MIDI control. In use, the FW-1884 allows up to 18 audio inputs to be accessed at once. As a DAW controller, the FW-1884 is compatible with a wide variety of popular applications including MOTU Digital Performer, Emagic Logic, Steinberg Cubase SX, Steinberg Nuendo, and Cakewalk Sonar. By emulation of HUI and Mackie Control the FW-1884 can be used as a comprehensive control surface for DAW applications that support those protocols such as Digidesign Pro Tools and more.

For people who require simultaneous control of more audio channels, the FE-8 expands the FW-1884 with eight additional channel control strips (100mm motorized faders and dedicated control buttons). Up to 15 FE-8's may be added to an FW-1884 system as needed for big console functionality.

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