Used Posion Noises Glut Cheeks V3

Sale price$140.00


Pre-owned Glut Cheeks V3, with original box, in mint condition

It's an all you can eat Fuzz buffet! The Glut Cheeks is made using the same recipe as your favorite 60’s fuzzes, but with a few new extra fixings. As you can see, the ingredients are listed right on the box! Every fuzz uses carefully selected, organically sourced, grass fed BC108 transistors. Using the Mode switch allows you to choose between a two or three transistor configuration. Not a fan of the Gain control on those old school fuzz topologies? Well look no further! The Strength control allows you to pull back the intensity of the input signal in a way similar to rolling the volume back on your guitar. Allowing for that delicious "cleaned up" sound coveted by many fuzz fanatics. With all the new ways to dish out the amount of gain in your signal, there has never been a better time to consume all the fuzz you can handle. Glut Cheeks, It's what's for dinner.

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