Used DCW Tradition Overdrive

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Pre-owned DCW Tradition Overdrive, in very good condition with a couple of paint scratches. No box or power supply included.

Pedals become classics for a reason. The Ibanez Tubescreamer TS808 is probably the most popular pedal of all time, and it is also the framework for several other well-loved pedals. With the Tradition, I’m passing on the story with some of my favorite plot twists. A lot of players like to leave the gain super low on a TS, so I extended the gain range to allow cleaner drive settings than a stock TS808 while also adding some extra gain to the end of the dial. I’ve done the popular “amp-like” mod that changes the standard symmetrical diode arrangement to give more volume and make the clipping less compressed and also some adjustments to decrease the noise floor. A FAT knob allows you to subtlety cut, retain, or boost the low end fullness to fit your needs and the linear TONE knob offers a wider span of adjustment. No TS style pedal would be complete without the famous 4558 chip. The 4558 is mounted in a socket, meaning no soldering is necessary if you want to experiment with your favorite op-amp chip. This pedal is also handwired for true bypass switching, meaning the pedal will not alter your bypassed tone.

- 9V center negative power required, Less than 10mA current draw (No internal battery connections)
- Also capable of handling 18V for higher headroom
- Hand wired using through hole construction, no SMD parts
- In-house powder coated and screen printed enclosures
- Socketed op-amp for easy chip swaps if you want to experiment with other chips
- 125B enclosure 4.77" x 2.6" x 1.39" (121.1mm x 66mm x 35.3mm)
- True bypass 3PDT switching
- Quality Neutrik input and output jacks
- Real Alpha pots with dust seals

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