Tone King Sky King 1 x 12” 35W Combo , Brown Tolex

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Tone King Sky King Combo in Brown Tolex


Total control of the most iconic American tones

Like our incredibly popular Imperial MKII, the Tone King Sky King 1 x 12” 35W combo sings with definitively American blackface and tweed tones of the 1950s and ‘60s. But glassy elegance and warm bark are only the beginning. Add in fast-reacting pentode or spongier ultralinear modes, spring reverb and bias-modulated tremolo circuits, and dual Ironman II reactive power attenuators – one for each channel – and you have the ultimate marriage of vintage American tones and modern control.

  • Footswitchable 2-channel design (rhythm, lead)
  • Selectable pentode (tighter), ultralinear (added sag) operation modes
  • Dual Ironman II reactive attenuation for each channel
  • Bias modulation tremolo circuit delivers vintage-style pulse
  • Tube driven spring reverb with wide-ranging control
  • 35W, 1×12”

35 Watt 1x12 Combo, Two Channel- Spring Reverb & Tremolo, Iron Man Attenuator Per Channel, Tone King 1660 by Celestion

Brown/Beige Tolex




  • 35W, 1×12 Two Channel Combo


  • 1×12 Tone King 1660 by Celestion


  • 2 Channel (Rhythm, Lead), Footswitchable
  • Rhythm Channel Controls: Volume, Treble, Bass
  • Lead Channel Controls: Volume, Tone


  • Tube driven spring reverb
  • Full spring 2-spring reverb pan


  • Bias modulation type tremolo circuit
  • Footswitch controllable

Built-In Ironman Power Attenuator:

  • Controls: Attenuation Level (Rhythm), Attenuation Level (Lead)
  • Attenuation Steps: 0db, -3db, -9db, -15db, -24db, -36db
  • Dual attenuation controls (one for each preamp channel)


  • Two button footswitch (channel, tremolo)
  • LED status indicators

Operating Mode Swich:

  • controls operating mode of output tubes: Ultralinear or Pentode mode


  • 4x12AX7A, 1x12AT7, 2x6L6GC, 1x5AR4

Output Stage:

  • 2x6L6GC, cathode biased, no negative feedback, selectable ultralinear/pentode mode

Output Power:

  • 35W RMS

Speaker Impedence:

  • 16 Ohms

Ironman Attenuator design features:

  • Precision tuned reactive load

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