Source Audio Artifakt Lo-fi Elements

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Artifakt Lo-fi Elements

The Artifakt Lo-fi Elements is the first pedal of its kind, a comprehensive collection of all the hazy, scratchy, wobbly, and broken tones

that epitomize the term 'lo-fi'." Like a mega-delay or mega-reverb, Artifakt is a “one-stop shop” for all the most sought-after lo-fi effects

including old vinyl replications, tape modulation and saturation, bit crushing, sample rate reduction, dark reverb and echo, filtering,

compression, glitch, and more. Source Audio has dedicated much of the past three years to meticulously honing each of these sounds

as well as engineering an entirely new hardware design with an easy-to-use interface that places the pedal’s full capabilities at your


Navigating through the seven positions of Artifakt’s effect selector knob unleashes a symphony of sonic transformations, each akin to

engaging a new pedal with its own unique brand of lo-fi. The first effect on the dial is Radio, tune into its crackling nostalgic tones

where static frequency filtering and noise generation evoke the charm of a vintage radio struggling to dial in a signal. The Tape engine

conjures the sound of vintage tape machines by blending subtle compression, overdrive, tape flutter, and pitch modulation to invoke

effects like slapback, chorus, doubling, and tape saturation. µVerb is a primitive reverb effect with bouncing echoes similar to the reverb

on 8-bit gaming systems. The Crush effect voyages the realm of bit-depth quantizing and sample rate reduction, all finely sculpted with

the resonance of a Moog™

-style ladder filter. Ladder, inspired by the revered R-2R ladder filter, offers both envelope and LFO

modulation control for classic and dramatic filter sweep effects. Vinyl faithfully emulates the crackle and pop of vintage records, from

pristine 180-gram vinyl to well-loved gramophone platters. Glitch adds an unpredictable edge, capturing fragments of your performance

and hurling them back at random speeds and pitches.

Pairing the Artifakt Lo-fi Elements with Source Audio’s completely reimagined and reengineered Neuro 3.0 software elevates an already

great pedal to new heights. Access free, stage-ready presets from Neuro’s expanding library of factory and Neuro Community presets.

Explore Neuro’s extensive editing capabilities to blend and experiment with the various lo-fi elements mentioned earlier—it's a limitless

effects palette for crafting unique lo-fi sounds. Artifakt also boasts stereo inputs and outputs, full MIDI control via the 3.5mm TRS in and

thru jacks, dual footswitches, 128 presets, and more.


Artifakt Lo-fi Elements Features and Specs:

7 different effect engines on the face of the pedal: Radio, Tape, µVerb, Crush, Ladder, Vinyl and Glitch.

16 presets accessible via the pedal controls (128 presets available via MIDI).

Dual footswitches that engage/ bypass, scroll presets, and perform a variety of other engine specific functions.

Full MIDI control via the 3.5mm TRS MIDI In and Thru jacks.

USB-C port for connecting to Neuro 3.0, Source Audio’s preset downloading and effect editing software.

Stereo Inputs and Outputs

External expression control

Choose from Active Analog or True Bypass

Brushed anodized aluminum housing.

Dimensions: L: 4.5 in./11.4cm x W: 2.75 in./7cm x H: 2 in./5.1cm (including knobs).

Weight: 1 lb./0.45 kg.

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