Souldier GS0835-BR04DB Constantine

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Souldier GS0835-BR04DB Constantine

Using recycled seatbelt, original vintage materials, and salvaged leather and vinyl, Souldier goods are Handmade in Chicago by our excellent team of crafters to be strong, luxurious and eco friendly. Designed to last for world tours, our straps are created for gigging musicians. Souldier even offers a lifetime warranty on the strap ends. By purchasing a Souldier guitar strap you are admitted to the club of the best professional and aspiring musicians in the world. Made for artists by artists, Souldier guitar straps are your 'go to' for a high quality performance strap with unbeatable taste. Rock Like the Legends. Souldier On.

  • Handmade in Chicago, USA
  • Recycled Seatbelt
  • Double Thick Hand Cut Leather Ends
  • Silver Hardware - Adjustable from 30 to 60 inches and 2 inches wide

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