Porter Pickups Hybrid Plus Strat Set (Parchment)

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Porter Pickups

Porter Hybrid Plus Strat Set Parchment

Clean, mean and versatile. The Hybrid Plus is a mix of the Vintage Custom Bobbin/magnet construction, and the Modern coil wind. The “Plus” means more coil wire for each position. The Hybrid Neck is in the normal bridge wind territory and each position goes up 1,000 turns from here. The hybrid bridge has as many turns as our standard full sized p90s. This set stays clean, but provides a good balance of thickness of the tones and is anything but wimpy. It will keep your strat in the mix better with many humbucker guitars. Its great with volume knob changes, or for those needing thick and meaty tones that can handle anything you throw at it.

The Story
The Hybrid Plus is the result of our continued pursuit of pickups that fill a need and serve a purpose. We wanted to create a set for players who need bigger sounds from their strat that what we previously offered, and ones that get closer to the range and strength of many other pickup styles.


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