Porter Pickups Humbucker Set Overdrive/Overdrive Plus - Nickel

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Porter Pickups

Porter Humbucker Set Overdrive/Overdrive Plus, Nickel Covers

The Porter Overdrive humbuckers themselves don’t actually overdrive, but if you’re looking for a great sound when using distortion, these are the ones you want. Typically it works best as a bridge pickup. They have a high output with great mids, highs and attack. They feature am AlNiCo 8 magnet, which is aggressive in pull and charge. They can be wound to your specs depending on the output you are looking for.

The Overdrive Plus is a result of our continued quest for good tone and explore our winds further. We started with the standard Overdrive model and changed up the winding recipe a bit. We kept the AlNiCo 8 magnet for the power and punch, but we switched wire gauges (from 43 to 42 AWG) to make a full and overwound coil with more sonic power and low end.

The results are a thick and chunky pickup with a huge tone, that doesn’t have too much high end even in the bridge position. It will push the pedals and amp hard, while feedback and sustain will increase through your rig.

If you’re looking for a bridge pickup thats anything but thin – this model is for you. The Overdrive Plus is about 15% stronger than many of the other pickups we have available.

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