Poison Noises Throwback - Delay/Reverb

Sale price$199.99


Take a trip down memory lane with the Throwback! This pedal combines the degenerating repeats of a tape delay with the drippy bounce of a spring reverb. Both effects have their own isolated mix controls, enabling you to use them independently or in series. The delay allows for a maximum of 625 milliseconds. Creating everything from snappy slap-back tones, to washy long repeats. All of which funnel into a lush reverb that can feedback into itself. This creates a bright shimmery pad over the top of the carefully crafted sonic soundscape. The small form factor makes this the perfect pedal to handle all of the post effects at the end of your board, or in the fx loop of your amplifier. Get enveloped in the nostalgia of the Throwback today! 

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