Poison Noises The Crook V5

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The Crook V5

Your favorite overdrive is pulling another job!  

The Crook has more gadgets in its arsenal than ever before. With the new active EQ, this pedal can easily disguise itself as whatever drive sound is needed to seamlessly blend into you board. Along with the sound of the original criminal, this pedal allows for more high end, more scoopable lows, and a mids control focused around 800hz. Additionally, the clipping knob will help you dial in your headroom as precisely as a professional safe cracker! The Crook is still up to its old tricks, as the V5 still operates anywhere between 9 and 18 volts. This pedal boasts tons of available gain and a variety of different breakup sounds. Making it the perfect tool for the job every time. Get the Crook V5 now and let it steal your current overdrive's spot on your pedalboard!


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