On-Stage Deluxe Concert Ukulele Bag Striped

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On-Stage Deluxe Concert Ukulele Bag Striped

The long and short of it

Take your ukulele everywhere...without the road rash. Our GBU4100 Series Ukulele Gig Bag series provides dependable protection and comfort that a clunky hard case can only dream of. Available in a total of four different sizes, it's the perfect fit for any uke in your collection-even the mini-but-mighty soprano models.

Any way you want it

Every performance is a little different from the last, which is why we made the GBU4100 series as versatile as you are. It features a rugged handle for briefcase-style handling, in addition to two adjustable backpack straps for hands-free transport. The zippered front pouch stows your tuner, a mobile phone, picks, strings, set lists, and more. No matter how or where inspiration strikes, you'll be able to bring everything you need to perform in it.

All hulk, no bulk

The durable, woven outer casing of the GBU4100 series is more than aesthetics-it was purposefully designed to shrug off abuse without blemishes, scrapes, scuffs, or markings. Heavy-duty stitching and bolstered anchor points hold up to the rigors of serious gigging. Rigid external edge piping retains the bag's shape so that your uke is always in the optimum internal position, surrounded by On-Stage's time-tested and abuse-absorbing padded armor enclosure.

Even the reinforced zipper pulls were selected with the traveling musician in mind, providing ultra-wide loops on durable nylon cording for hassle-free operation in the heat of the moment. Yet with all this protection, the GBU4100 series delivers on the promise of a lightweight, portable solution for the performing musician.

Concert ukulele
Canvas (linen)
12mm foam
Striped pattern

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