Milkman Amps Reverb Unit Head

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Reverb Unit

Splash and Drip

The Milkman Reverb unit is designed around a full size 17" reverb tank driven by a 6V6 power tube. Controls for dwell blend and tone allow for you to craft subtle plate like reverb, or ride the springs hard for a splashy surfy dripping wet reverb experience 

The Reverb is designed for minimal noise, and operates at guitar level. Use this reverb before the input of your amplifier for a different type of reverb interaction than internal reverb gives. 

Dry signal path is extremely transparent. Thats the benefit of 100% tube circuitry operating at high voltage. 

Now with Harmonic Tremolo


17" 2 spring reverb tank

Hand wired onto turret board

Custom Mercury Magnetics transformers

Inputs for 2 instruments

Output and Footswitch connections on rear panel

19-7/8" W x 9" H x 8" D 14lbs

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