Milkman Amps 10W Tweed Class A Custom 1x12 Combo - Limited Edition

Sale price$3,199.99


Milkman 10W Tweed Class A Custom Amplifier - Limited Edition 1 of 12  

The Milkman 10W Tweed Amplifier is a choke filtered class A guitar amplifier with tube spring reverb. It comes standard with a 12” Jupiter Alnico speaker in an oversize tweed cabinet. This amplifier is a very touch sensitive and responsive amplifier and is perfect for settings where low wattage is ideal such as recording or on small stages. The tube reverb system has 2 controls for Dwell (decay time) and Blend. There is a 17” reverb tank mounted at the bottom of the cabinet. 


Milkman spared nothing when choosing components for this limited edition amplifier. Custom made Mercury Magnetics transformers, Jupiter signal caps and electrolytic capacitors, a mirror polish chrome faceplate and a solid pine cabinet with lacquered tweed finish make this amp look like something straight out of the 1950s. 

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