Used Maestro Echoplex "Red Face" Solid State EP-3

Sale price$1,350.00


Pre-owned Maestro Echoplex "Red Face" Solid State EP-3. In very good condition, our in house tech just went over the entire unit. Cleaned the tape path, lubricated the transport mechanism, cleaned the jacks, replaced the tension arm felt pad, adjusted the record level and tested the unit, runs perfectly. The original tape has tested and performed well, so it was not replaced. The face plate left thumb screw won't stay in when the case is on but does thread in without it the case on, so we put a slightly longer correct thread screw in its place (original thumb screw is included). Has the original footswitch and 2-prong power cable.

Early 70's "red face" echoplex ep-3, serial 9552


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