Fuzzlord Effects Modular Dimension Chorus

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Ambient Modulation

Step into a realm of ethereal modulation with the Fuzzlord Modular Dimension – a dual-mode Chorus and Phaser pedal meticulously designed to deliver ambient modulation finely tuned for guitar and bass. In mode 1, the Modular Dimension transforms into a dual Chorus pedal, offering an adjustable Rate control for each of the two Chorus effects running in series, as well as a Depth control for the first Chorus effect. From mild Chorus sounds to fast vibrato, this mode covers a wide range of sonic territory. The Mix control allows you to dial in your desired balance between dry and wet signals, with 100% wet delivering a Leslie-style vibrato for added depth and character.

Mode 2 unleashes the Phaser, featuring similar controls to mode 1 with the addition of a Rate 2 control that becomes an octave-up feedback loop, introducing a haunting shimmer to the Phaser mode. As you increase the Rate 2 octave and Depth, you’ll experience more feedback and ambient shimmer in the background while playing, creating a mesmerizing sonic landscape that captivates the senses.


BLEND: Go between all the way dry/wet. You can completely dial out your clean tone for ambient riffs/drones.

Depth: Adjust the amount of Depth/Modulation

Rate: Adjust the speed of Chorus 1 and Phaser

Rate 2: In mode 1 this controls the Chorus Rate 2, in mode 2 it controls the Octave Up Shimmer

TOGGLE: Choose between mode 1 Chorus, and mode 2 Phaser



Power: Use a 9v center negative 2.1mm isolated power supply

Dimensions: 120 x 94 x 34 mm

Switching: True bypass soft switching

Current Draw: 60mA

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