Fuzzlord Effects MF-4 Fuzz

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Classic Russian Fuzz 

The MF-4 emerges from the depths of fuzz history, paying homage to the iconic green Russian fuzz pedal. Designed to push your amp into the realms of oblivion, this pedal is a sonic force ready to amplify your musical journey. From searing guitar riffs to thunderous basslines, the MF-4 conquers all. With low-end response and bass clarity, it’s the ideal companion for those seeking a fuzz pedal that adapts to any sonic battlefield.

This pedal stands out from standard Muff stlye pedals with its expanded mid control. This enhanced mid control allows both guitarists and bassists to sculpt their tone with unparalleled precision adjusting the amount of mid scoop and frequencies covered, tailoring your fuzz tone to perfection.


LEVEL: Command the overall output volume

GAIN: From subtle crunch to full-blown fuzz, the MF-4 offers a spectrum of gain

TONE: Explore bass-heavy tones or dial in treble brilliance

MID: Sculpt your midrange adjusting the amount of mid scoop and frequencies covered



Power: Use a 9v center negative 2.1mm isolated power supply

Dimensions: Compact and pedalboard-friendly at 120 x 94 x 42.5 mm

Switching: Seamless transitions with true bypass soft switching

Current Draw: 45mA


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