Frost Giant Electronics Massif - Glossy Enclosure

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Frost Giant Electronics Massif - (New Gloss Enclosure Version)

The Massif is a 1 Knob Savage Fuzz Device. It has one purpose, to level everything in its path.

This is our take on the Colorsound 1 Knob Fuzz, there are many like them, but none like the Massif. Designed after lusting for the Slomatics/Conan/Bongripper tone this pedal is very mid focused with a distortion like Fuzz quality, very smooth and articulate but with punishing lows and an aggressive tone.

Though being one knob it has a bunch of tones just in that knob depending on where it’s set, so don’t think it just has one sound to it.



Volume – Beats you in the face kinda tone


Handmade in Texas.

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