Electronic Audio Experiments OxEAE Boost

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OxEAE Boost

The 0xEAE Boost is the first entry in a new pedal series developed in conjunction with the design collective Obstructures.

The 0xEAE collaboration began as an indestructible enclosure created in the distinct, utilitarian-yet-elevated visual language of Obstructures, culminating in a neo-brutalist homage to the iconic sloped fuzz enclosures of the 60s and 70s.

The exterior physical design (and our shared affinity for noise rock) informed the intent of the circuitry within: a versatile signal boost/overdrive with the potential for a razor-sharp treble response and excessively high output levels. The circuit itself is comprised of a discrete op amp gain stage with a treble boost in front, forming a densely textured upper midrange character laden with higher order intermodulation products. A mix of active and passive tone controls allows for dramatic alterations in sonic character. We also took extreme measures to engineer a high-quality power supply that is fully protected from excessive voltage, improper setup, and external interference.

The end result is an object that is maximally robust, designed for a lifetime on the road, on stage, and in the studio.

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