Crush M4 Series 5 Piece Hardware Pack

Sale price$499.00


Crush M4 Series 5 Piece Hardware Pack with (2) Boom Cymbal Stands, Bass Drum Pedal (single) , Snare Stand, and Hi Hat Stand.

The M4 Series from Crush is road tough and tourworthy at a great price.With rugged construction and a medium weight, this hardware is perfect for any drumming situation. In the M4 line: M4 Single Bass Drum Pedal, the M4 Double Bass Pedal, the M4 Core Bass Drum Pedal, the M4 Snare Stand, and the M4 3 Tier Cymbal Boom Stand.The line features scratch resistant coatings, brass bearing hinges, integrated memory locks, heavy duty feet, and double chained bass drum pedals.

  • Double Chain
  • High Grade Bearings
  • ABS Cams
  • Heavy Duty Coatings
  • Brass Bearing Hinge
  • 2Sided Beater
  • Hard Plastic Case for Double Pedals
  • Toothless Tilter
  • Double Braced Legs
  • 1.1” Tubing
  • Swivel HiHat Base
  • Fast HiHat Spring Adjustment
  • Mating Memory Locks
  • Large Rubber Feet

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