Couch Silver Sparkle Lightning Bolt Guitar Strap

Sale price$50.00


Glam sparkle and lightning bolts each hold a special place in rock history, now it's your turn to up the ante by having us combine the two into one highly original, never-seen-before, custom guitar strap. These handmade Silver Sparkle and Lighting Bolt Guitar Straps rule! Whether it's a vintage biker helmet, old speed boat seat, Ziggy Stardust, dune buggies, or a 1960's bowling alley- this kind of metal flake sparkle vinyl conjures up all kinds shapes, sounds and sights. Add a lighting bolt into the picture and it just starts to get rad that is! These bolts straps come with custom metal hardware. You are now ready to rock............designed and handmade proper in our California Workshop here at Couch.

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