Couch Plain Maroon Vegan Guitar Strap

Sale price$24.00



The Plain Black Vegan Eco Strap (in Maroon!!) has always been a best seller at Couch. It's simply the best-made, best-looking, most functional vegan guitar strap available anywhere in the world at the best price.  Know also that we've thoroughly considered how this product relates to the world around us, not only by making this strap cruelty free and vegan, but by using 100% recycled seatbelt materials, and making this USA made strap sweatshop free, locally here where we live, in Los Angeles, California. Check the last picture of Australian band Tame Impala rocking this strap in their Why Don't You Make Up Your Mind video- yes sir that's a Plain Maroon Vegan Seatbelt Strap on the Les Paul! This finely made simple strap is our finest industrial design accomplishment to date and it's a great affordable strap for your guitar. For around $20, it's also a great gift for all your guitar playing friends.

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