Couch None More White Guitar Strap

Sale price$38.00


Sometimes the new black is black. And sometimes the new black is white. We didn't even wait for the requests to start pouring in for our None More Black Luggage Guitar Strap to be made in white, we decided to make it first!

It's simple, it's white and it rocks! Introducing the new None More White Luggage Guitar Strap.

The metal hardware on this double stitched luggage strap really stands out on the white vinyl, kinda like chrome does on a classic car. No frills, no froo froo, nothing but simplicity and coolness. We thought about making the end tabs in white, too, but opted for the classic couch black because we think it looks cooler that way!

The quintessential white guitar strap - or white electric bass strap! Sweatshop-free. Vegan. Double stitched on both sides, all stainless steel metal hardware. 3 hand-tooled rivets on the back tab. 1/2 foot longer than the average strap, cruelty-free, made in USA so that you may rock. Beautiful. Simple. Sturdy. Strong. Couch. Rock

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