Couch Lightning Bolt Custom Guitar Strap

Sale price$46.00



Black W/ White Bolt


Now we definitely weren't the first ones do a lightning bolt guitar strap for sure, there has been someone doing that cheaper-but-still-okay nylon webbing Gibson Lighting Bolt Strap for years for instance, but when our buddy and long time Couch friend James Demetra came by the shop and asked our Head of Handmade Division Jay Pezzelle to make him a custom black strap with a white lightning bolt, we said what the heck. Jay had already had the lighting bolt die from his own company Whodini Handmade so we punched out a bolt and sewed right there on the spot for James- who's pictured here with his new axe. It looked surprisingly awesome, and this is the actual first strap we made pictured with him above with his Goldtop Les Paul.

It looked so sweet so we said "what the heck if anyone else wants one they can just order off our site and we'll make one for 'em on the spot". So that's the deal, order one we'll hook you up with a sweet strap like James' here.That's right a custom, handmade vegan lightning bolt guitar strap Hand Made in the USA by people who actually own guitars for a fair price from Couch of course! This strap also available in white with black bolt, just indicate your preference in the dropdown at time of order.

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