Couch Guitar Straps Key Chain Pick Holder - Assorted

Sale price$10.00


Assorted selection of keychain pick holders made from Couch odds and ends.

Everything we make at Couch starts out with us creating a product we could really use ourselves. It seems we could never find our guitar picks when at a show, rehearsal, or worse yet a recording session. Our picks always get lost in our pockets and placing picks between our strings can be ok except they often fall off when taking the old axe in and out of its case. These Couch Keychain Pick Holders look sharp as well as work great to make sure you always have your pick brand and gauge when you need it the most. Each Couch Guitar Pick Holder fits onto the loop of your keychain and holds up to 5 or 6 picks. We've found these also work great to hold anything really small that's easy to lose including earplugs for when we're going to a loud show, vitamins or medicine, even our wedding ring while we paddle out into the Pacific for a quick surf. 

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