Couch Dark Brown Western Guitar Strap

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We've been looking for a great vintage looking brown western guitar strap vinyl for literally 6 years so needless to say we were pretty excited when we found a little bit of some in an old warehouse not long ago. Those few were going so quick we started scouring the nation for some more cool brown western embossed vinyl and found some from a boutique manufacturer with the same print in a slightly different color.

This vinyl has an extra soft cotton layer on the back that you can't see here, but you'll feel its softness when you place it on your shoulder. We left off the inside "luggage stitch" to give this sturdy and baddass brown western guitar strap a nice loose feel as the light hits it on the stage. Of course this fully vegan and sweatshop free brown western guitar strap has our custom Couch molded metal hardware, hand tooled stainless steel rivets and is meticulously assembled by us, guitar players, here, in the United States.

 Rock. Couch.

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