Couch Black Sparkle Guitar Strap

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Black Sparkle Guitar Strap

There's nothing like the look of classic vintage-style sparkle guitar strap vinyl. Whether it's a vintage biker helmet, old speed boat seat, Ziggy Stardust, dune buggies, or a 1960's bowling alley- this kind of vintage style sparkly guitar strap vinyl conjures up all kinds shapes, sounds and sights. This particular Black Sparkle color way looks amazing and goes with everything while standing out and looking sharp. The metal hardware on this sparkle vintage style metal flake guitar strap really stands out like chrome does on a classic car or bike. No frills, no froo froo, nothing but simplicity and coolness. Sweatshop-free. Vegan. Longer than the average strap, cruelty-free, made in USA so that you may rock. Beautiful. Simple. Sturdy. Strong. Couch. Rock

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