Couch Sage Green Camaro and White Racer X Guitar Strap

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Couch Sage Green Camaro and White Racer X Guitar Strap
Green Camaro Guitar Strap Made of the exact late 1970's material actually used to upholster American muscle cars of the era- including the Chevy Camaro. Bulletproof vegan construction using new automotive upholstery vinyl ends and backing. Classic Le Mans style racing stripe design. Hand die cut, sewn, and Built To Rock by dudes whose older brothers actually had Camaros and mullets when they were 12 and their brothers were 16.
This Camaro Guitar Strap is made of the exact 1970's deadstock vinyl used to upholster 1978 Chevy Camaro LT's. This rattan basket weave pattern was common in General Motors cars of the era and was also found in Chevy Novas, Malibus, Monzas, and Chevettes. The sage green guitar strap pattern looks amazing, really, just look at the pictures! We're always amazed to find materials like this have just been sitting in an old warehouse gathering dust for years until we discover them. We are stoked to put this beautiful limited edition vinyl to brilliant use as a fine American Made re-purposed guitar strap! Notice the further attention to detail we bring to the table like precise hand-die-cut automotive vinyl end tabs, stainless steel hand-affixed rivets and precision sewn racing stripes. These highly limited edition, vintage sourced, upcycled, USA made, vegan green guitar straps are hand-sewn by us here at Couch.

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