Couch Linen and White Racer X Guitar Strap

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Linen and White Racer X Guitar Strap

The color of this neutral reading, natural wood toned guitar strap is at the exact same time highly fashion forward and timelessly classic. Just google image search "color report" and you'll see this shade of linen, beige, tan.....whatever you want to call it all over recent season's pantone charts for instance. Fashion is great and stuff, but the best part of this strap is evident when you take a look at the photos and notice how well this neutral Linen colored strap goes with the natural wood tones of a guitar- this applies to either the sunburst Strat pictured here and also to pure wood grain guitar finishes like a Rickenbacker Mapleglo or a Peavy Wood Grain t-60. These timeless colors never go out of style, even though they're highly IN STYLE now! 

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