CB Traveler Percussion Kit

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  • 32-note extended range bells
  • Bell bars with stamped pitch letter names including enharmonic sharps/flats
  • Neoprene bar mounting optimizes resonance and is maintenance free
  • Impact-resistant ABS side frames and metal support plate enhance bell frame durability
  • Dual-purpose bell/pad stand features basket-style bell mount and non-slip nylon bushing
  • Tunable practice pad, birch shaft mallets, drumsticks, and detachable music rack are included
  • Serial numbers for easy record keeping
  • Printed warm-ups and technical exercises for bells and snare drum
  • Fully padded deluxe nylon bag with ABS perimeter reinforcements, heavy-duty zipper, interior accessory compartments, padded bell divider, large exterior compartment for sheet music, padded handles and detachable backpack straps


Bells: 2.5+ octaves, F5-C8 
Bars: Satin finish aluminum, 1" wide, 3/16" thick 
Suspension: Double-pin mounting over neoprene 
Stand: 1" tubing single-braced, height adjustable 23" - 34" 
Pad: 8" Tunable 
Bag Dimensions: Length 25.5", width 15.5" low end, 8" high end, depth 5.25" 
Weight: 14 lbs.

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