Caroline Guitar Pedal Crom Riddle Of Steel Fuzz

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What is more powerful: the pedal, or the mighty foot of the player who steps upon it? For years we have had players ask us if our pedals are appropriate for use in praise and worship settings. We have considered such a question blasphemous, as Crom is an angry deity who lives inside a mountaintop, who doesn’t concern himself with the matters of mere mortals, and cannot be bothered to hear their pleas for help, their prayers for vengeance, or anything that might resemble a song of praise or devotion. Crom cares not for such trifles! What Crom has blessed you with is abundant strength to turn the wheel of pain, the free will to decide what is good in life, and the power to destroy your enemies!

Crom doesn’t grant wishes. He has been merely disturbed from his slumber long enough to bequeath this medieval device upon those who may choose to use it. Under the proper foot, its blade can cut down the tree of woe. Tuned properly, it is powerful enough to smite a giant former Hall of Fame NBA player moonlighting as an actor. Maintained well, it is sturdy enough to defend the screaming princess who looks a lot like Kevin’s big sister from The Wonder Years*. Grant me this wish Crom, and if not, hell with you!

Designer’s notes: Alright! CROM is a BC184 Supa Tone Bender style fuzzstortion like our OG Olympia with a classic tweed amp style tone control (MOUNTAIN) that interacts with the SWORD (gain) control. It is a LOT less lossy and less scooped than the classic M*ff style tone control in these circuits, giving the pedal an immediate and punchy response.

I personally recommend the TURBO switch on/in when using CROM through clean amps or clean channels for a full blast of gain and power. When using CROM stacked with other drives or into crunchier amps, take the TURBO off/out so the bass response is tighter and the pedal acts more as a classic 1970s fuzzy drive/sustainer.

Like our other “Caroline Corporation” drives, CROM is hand-wired and thru-hole populated at our workspace in Columbia, S.C. 

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