Black Mass 1312 Distortion V3 Photocopy

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The 1312 began its life as a physical embodiment of one of Black Mass Electronic’s fundamental beliefs: Black Lives Matter. It also provided an actionable avenue for us to demonstrate our support monetarily. This new iteration of the 1312 embodies another important sentiment: Trans Rights are Human Rights. 50% of the profits from these pedals will be split between several organizations whose causes we support - No More Dysphoria, Transgender Emergency Fund, Asian American Resource Workshop, Black & Pink - Boston, and Solidarity North Shore.

2020 proved repeatedly that words on their own are not enough, and it is long past time to use our resources to support the oppressed and disenfranchised.

Black Lives Matter.

Trans Rights are Human Rights.

If you disagree, our pedals are not for you.

The 1312 Distortion is a famous three letter distortion circuit with 8 different clipping options on a rotary switch. The 1312 V3 features an internal charge pump that turns your 9V supply voltage into 18V for increased headroom. You can use an 18V supply but you must change the internal dipswitch settings FIRST. Please reference the manual.

This pedal features top jacks and uses Demedash Effects true bypass relay switching.


Level: Controls overall output level
Filter: Turn clockwise for more treble
Gain: Controls the amount of drive/distortion
Clip: 8 Way rotary switch for selecting clipping diodes. Rotating clockwise, starting at “noon,” clipping options include:
•Vintage Germanium
•Red LEDs
•Asymmetrical MOSFET
•Asymmetrical Silicon
•Quad Silicon

•Standard 2.1mm center negative power only.
•9V DC Only (can run at 18V if you change the dipswitch settings inside)
•Do not run at higher voltages, or use the wrong dipswitch settings.
•Current Draw: 57mA
•Use an isolated power supply. Daisy chains will often work fine but can introduce unwanted noise.

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