Used Anasounds Utopia Deluxe Delay

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Pre-owned Anasounds Utopia Deluxe, in very good condition. Includes the original box and paperwork.

The Anasounds Utopia Deluxe was designed for the musician who’s looking for a gorgeous sonic texture but also a wealth of functionalities. It is a delay with a musical and easy-to-play voicing that also has many exciting tricks up its sleeve.

The PT2399 chip from the original Utopia was the starting point, but the way that part is being used has been redesigned to get a sound not unlike a very well set up tape echo or an analog delay, without the problems of that design and with actual treble in your repeats. The musicians have asked for a tap tempo, so we included it on the Utopia Deluxe. Both the blues rock purists looking for the ultimate echo and the sophisticated pop aficionados should find what they’re looking for (see what we did there?).

Many users of the original Utopia have requested a tap tempo, a footswitch that allows you to enter the tempo of the song by tapping your foot in order to always be perfectly in sync with the part you’re playing, without having to go through presets and the likes. The PT2399 chip has not been designed for tap tempo at all, so we had to work tirelessly on that aspect of the design. It actually took a whole year of R&D.

We finally made it happen, but we actually did a whole lot more. The tap tempo switch gives you three tempo subdivisions (including the classic dotted eighth), and the tap tempo footswitch launches infinite repeats and self-oscillation when it remains pressed.

Modulation is not just a nice option to add an effect to your delay. It is part of the delay sound, what gives it its true personality, and – if set up correctly – a good modulation sound can get you very close to that hallowed tape echo sound.

But setting up is a big part of the problem. With two knobs for depth and rate, musicians can find themselves struggling with mostly less-than-musical sounds and one of two settings that actually work. And most of the time you don’t get to choose your modulation type.

The Anasounds Utopia Deluxe has a Bliss knob in the center that switches from one modulation preset to another. It simultaneously affects the modulation type, the depth and the rate. No need to worry about getting the right setting, we did it for you. Just sit back and enjoy the sonics depths that have been crafted for you.

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