Pedal Building Class: Overdrive.  July 26th! Booking Now!


Our first pedal building class will be on one of the most popular pedals....overdrive!

We'll be building a stomp box style guitar over drive effects pedal with controls for gain and volume, and turbo boost. A very nice sounding pedal that you will be able to build with the oversight/help from our (qualified!) technician. I will provide stations for each person with the pedal kit, solder station and all the needed materials. We will also have pizza and refreshments as we plan on this being around 2 hours.

We want to keep the class size small so we can make sure to help each person and focus on their build.

The price will be $165 a person and that includes everything. To sign up we are taking $100 deposits and the balance will be due the day of the class.

Come learn and become your own boutique builder!

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Rob batz

Rob batz

The boutique pedal building classes Are a amazing thing to offer !! I’ve dreamed of doing some sort of build classes but never came across any , or any I could afford , but paying for each class you take and at a really good price works perfect for me ! I am shooting to take all the classes but the cool thing is if I don’t wanna take a class or I feel I’m all set with anymore classes , I just can stop . I can’t wait to built my drive pedal! I’m signed up for the first class !

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