Sinasoid Canare GS-6 Green 12" Instrument Cable

Sale price$40.99


Model: Canare GS-6


Cable Color: Green

Plug(s) Color:Nickel/Nickel

Connector Orientation: Straight/Right


Canare GS-6 has been a longtime favorite of ours due to its impeccable build quality, excellent manufacturing consistency, and solid tonal properties. With a capacitance rating of 49 pF/ft, GS-6 is in the same ballpark as Belden 9778 and Mogami "Gold" 2524, with a little added roundness and warmth. 

This instrument cable comes stock with dual nickel straight G&H plugs. 

As with every Custom Shop cable, these Canare instrument cables are handmade with love, carefully assembled and packed in our shop, and are covered by our 100 Year Warranty.

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