Frost Giant Electronics Soma - Demo Unit

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Soma is a tuned version of our Massif Fuzz with the tonestack of the Doom/Sludge Metal giant The Tall Font Russian.

The Massif’s circuit was adjusted with more gain and cut but still retains the open mid response to keep you above the mix. An added bonus is we added a trimpot on the inside to adjust the bias if you decide you want a sputtery hellacious fuzz, stock it’s set for maximum sustain and gain.



Volume – Adjusts the level output

Tone – The feel of your standard BMP tone control

Body – Shifts the low/mid low range in conjunction with the Tone knob

Fuzz – Adjusts the Fuzz level


*internal trimpot – Bias adjustment


Heavy and Saturated :: Thick and Fuzzy


Handmade in Texas.

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